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Vitriarius, Philippe Reinhard (* 1647.02.17 † 1720.07.30)
Vitriarius, Philippe Reinhard (* 1647.02.17 † 1720.07.30)

Vitriarius, Philippe Reinhard (* 1647.02.17 † 1720.07.30)

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1647.02.17, Oppenheim
1720.07.30, Leiden
Institutional Affiliation
Academy (University) of Geneva,
University of Leiden
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law of nations, German public law, Grotius
Important Family Relations:
Father, Jean Reinhard,
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Philipp Reinhard Vitriarius was born in Oppenheim on 17 February 1647. He studied law at the University of Strassburg under Johann Heinrich Boecler. He obtained his doctoral degree on 11 December 1672 with his Theses Inaugurales Juridicae de Iure antecessoris in successorem. In 1675 he was appointed honorary professor of law at the Academy of Geneva, as successor of André Weguelin. He became full professor (salaried) in 1677. On 25 September 1682 he was appointed professor of German public law at Leiden University. He succeeded Johannes Friedrich Böckelmann on this chair. Due to ill health, he resigned on 21 October 1719 in favour of his son Johann Jacob Vitriarius. He attracted a great number of German students, especially from Austria.

Comment on main natural law works:

We don't know whether Vitriarius taught the law of nature and nations while he was professor at the Academy of Geneva. This might be the case given that he published in 1692 his Institutiones iuris naturae et gentium in usum serenissimi principis Ludovici Marchionis brandenburgici [...] ad methodum Hugonis Grotii. This work was edited many times. A new edition with notes by D. L. Vullyamozius was published in Lausanne in 1745. Vitriarius was however better known for his Institutiones iuris publici Romano-Germanici, first published in Speier under the pseudonym Nicolaus Danckwerths and with a different title, and in the same year under his real name in Frankfurt. This and later editions were accompanied by the commentaries of Johann Friedrich Pfeffinger (1667-1730), that is, excerpts from various sources entitled "Vitriarius illustratus".

Academic Data


- .../1672, Jurisprudence, University of Strassburg[Johann Heinrich Böckler]


1672.12.11, doctorate, University of Strassburg


1675-1682: Law of nature and nations, Academy of Geneva
1682-1719: German public law, University of Leiden, Faculty of Law

Professional Data


1675 - 1677, Honorary professor of law, Academy of Geneva
1677 - 1682, Ordinary professor of law, Academy of Geneva
1682 - 1720, Ordinary professor of law, University of Leiden, Faculty of Law

Printed Sources


Nicolaus Danckwerth [pseudonym], Institutiones Juris Publici selectissimae Modernum Imperii Romani statum … depingentes (Speier: Christoph Olssen, 1683): Digital version

Vitriarius illustratus, seu Institutiones iuris publici Romano-Germanici, 2 vols. (Freiburg: Beck, 1683).
     - Edition 1691, 2 vols. (Freiburg: Beck)
     - Edition 1699, 2 vols. (Gotha: Mevius)
     - Edition 1731, 4 vols. (Gotha: Mevius)

Institutiones iuris nature et gentium in usum serenissimi principis Ludovici Marchionis branenburgici [...] ad methodum Hugonis Grotii (Leiden: Luchtmans, 1692)
     - Edition 1695 (Halle: Zeitler)
     - Edition 1701 (Halle: Zeitler): Digital version
     - Edition 1704 (Leiden: Luchtmans): Digital version
     - Edition 1711 (Leiden: Luchtmans)
     - Edition 1718 (Halle: Zeitler)
     - Edition 1719 (Leiden: Luchtmans)
     - Edition 1726 (Nürnberg: Lehmann)
     - Edition 1734 (Leiden: Luchtmans)
     - Edition 1745 (Lausanne: Chapuis): Digital version


Theses Inaugurales Juridicae de Iure antecessoris in successorem (Strassburg: Welper, 1673).

Manuscript Sources



Direct Personal Connections:

1679.06.08, Johann Jacob Vitriarius, Geneva [Philipp Reinhard's son who succeeded him on the law chair at the University of Leiden.]
1672, Johann Heinrich Boecler, Strassburg [Vitriarius studied law under Boecler at the University of Strassburg.]
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