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Pictet, Pierre (* 1703.04.05 † 1768.05.17)

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1703.04.05, Geneva
1768.05.17, Geneva
Protestant, Calvinist
Institutional Affiliation
Academy (University) of Geneva
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Important Family Relations:
Father, Jérémie Pictet,
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The son of a patrician family, Pierre Pictet was born on 5 April 1703. He studied law at the Academy of Geneva and passed the official law exam on March 29, 1723. He succeeded Jean Cramer on the chair of natural and civil law on June 5, 1739. He held the chair until 1757. He was elected member of the Council of Two Hundred in 1734, and of the Council of Sixty in 1749. He died on 17 May 1768.

Comment on main natural law works:

Nothing is known about publications or manuscripts. There are lecture notes taken by a member of the family Du Gard d'Echichens, a compendium partly extracted from Pictet's courses.

Academic Data


.. - 1723, Law, Academy of Geneva


1723.03.29, Official law exam (in Geneva)


1739-1757: "natural and civil law", public and private courses, Academy of Geneva

Professional Data


1739 - 1757, Professor of natural and civil law, Academy of Geneva

Titles, Memberships and Other Relevant Roles

1734, Member, the Council of Two Hundred, Geneva
1749, Member, Council of Sixty, Geneva

Printed Sources

Manuscript Sources


Du Gard d'Echichens, T., Abrégé de Droit Naturel Dont les 10 premiers chapitres sont tirés des leçons de Monsieur Pictet Professeur en Droit à Genève. Quant aux autres je les aÿ faits Moy même à l'aide de quelques autheurs (s.l., 21.06.1741-09.08.1742), Archives cantonales vaudoises, ACV P Buren (de) 19: Digital version

Direct Personal Connections:

../1739, Jean Cramer, Geneva [Pictet succeeded Jean Cramer on the chair of natural and civil law.]
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