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Lullin, Pierre (* 1712.09.30 † 1789.02.15)

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1712.09.30, Geneva
1789.02.15, Geneva
Protestant, Calvinist
Institutional Affiliation
Academy (University) of Geneva
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Important Family Relations:
Father, Jean Lullin (1675 - 1750), syndic of the city of Geneva (1728, 1732, 1736)
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The son of a patrician family, Pierre Lullin was born in Geneva on 30 September 1712. He studied law at the Academy of Geneva under Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, and succeeded him as professor of natural and civil law in 1740. He had to apply for the professorship and held two probatory lectures at the Academy of Geneva, the first one, Positiones juridicae de usucapionibus, on 15 May 1735, the second one, Positiones juridicae de aleatoribus, on 2 December 1740. He held the chair until 1756, when he was elected to the Small  Council of the city. He was also director of the hospital (1754-56), state clerk (1762-1781) and syndic (1782).

Comment on main natural law works:

Except the two probatory lectures, nothing is known about Pierre Lullin's activities as professor of natural and civil law.

Academic Data


.. - ../1740, Natural and civil law, Academy of Geneva[Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui]

Professional Data


1740 - 1756, Professor of natural and civil law, Academy of Geneva
1754 - 1756, Director, Hospital (Geneva)

Titles, Memberships and Other Relevant Roles

1756, Member, Small Council, Geneva
1762 - 1781, State clerk, Geneva
1782, Syndic, Geneva

Printed Sources


Positiones juridicae de usucapionibus ([Geneva]: fratres de Tournes, [1739]), probatory lecture.

Positiones juridicae de aleatoribus ([Geneva]: fratres de Tournes, [1740]), probatory lecture.

Manuscript Sources



Direct Personal Connections:

../1740, Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, Geneva [Pierre Lullin studied law under Burlamaqui and succeeded him on the chair of natural and civil law in 1740.]
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