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Pillichody, Jean-Georges (* 1715.01.xx † 1783.05.15)

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1715.01.xx, Berne
1783.05.15, Lausanne
Protestant, Calvinist
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No learned institutional affiliation
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Calvinism, Pufendorf
Important Family Relations:
Father, Georges-Daniel Pillichody, tax collector
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Jean-Georges Pillichody was born in January 1715 in Berne. He studied law at the Academy of Lausanne under Charles Guillaume Loys de Bochat and at the University of Basel where he obtained his doctorate of law on 14 April 1734 with the dissertation De jure naturali, gentium et civili. He applied for the law chair at the Academy of Lausanne in 1740 but lost out against Béat-Philippe Vicat. He served as Justiciar of Yverdon (1734), cashier of the salt mine of Yverdon (1755), Assesseur Baillival (1771), Lieutenant de Justice (1776) and judge at the Consistory of Yverdon (1780). He was Châtelain of Baulmes since 1738, and he inherited the Seigneury of Bavois-Dessus from his uncle François-Barthélemy Pillichody whom he succeeded as Lieutenant Baillival (deputy bailiff) and Châtelain of Yverdon. He died in Lausanne on 15 May 1783.

Comment on main natural law works:

Pillichody contributed to the popularization of natural law through his didactic presentation of Pufendorf’s manual De officio hominis et civis, translated into French by Jean Barbeyrac. Le droit naturel, d’un père à son fils, published in two volumes in 1769, is dedicated to his uncle François-Barthélemy and addressed to his son. As Pillichody explains in the preface, it was important to inculcate the truths contained in the books on the duties of man and citizen into the minds of young people and to lead them on the path of virtue. His goal was however more modest, for he only aimed to instruct his son, according to the method he believed to be most appropriate, that is, in the form of questions and answers. His main interest is in showing how natural law principles apply in the domain of civil law and of the law of nations.

Academic Data


.. - ../1734, Law, Academy of Lausanne[Charles Guillaume Loys de Bochat]
.. - 1734.04.14, Natural and civil law, University of Basel


1734.04.14, Doctor Juris, University of Basel

Professional Data


1734, Justiciar of Yverdon
1755, Cashier, Salt mine of Yverdon
1771, Assesseur Baillival
1776, Lieutenant de Justice
1780, Judge, Consistory of Yverdon
1782.04.08 - 1783.05.15, Lieutenant Baillival and Châtelain of Yverdon

Titles, Memberships and Other Relevant Roles

1761.06.01 - 1783.05.15, Vice Director, Société Économique d'Yverdon, Yverdon

Printed Sources


Essai contenant les ordonnances et l'usage qui ont dérogé au coûtumier du Païs de Vaud, avec des interprétations & extensions des Loix, & de nouvelles précautions contre les abus (Neuchâtel, Sinnet, 1756): Digital version

Le droit naturel, d'un père à son fils: avec des notions pour servir à l'Etude du Droit Civil & à celle du Droit des Gens, 2 vols. (Yverdon, 1769): Digital version


Dissertatio inauguralis de jure naturale gentium et civili (Basel: Johannes Pistorius, 1734).

Manuscript Sources


Direct Personal Connections:

../1734, Charles Guillaume Loys de Bochat, Lausanne [Pillichody possibly studied law at the Academy of Lausanne under Loys de Bochat]
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